Sunday, January 8, 2017

The one with the anthropomorphic light poles

This never-used postcard, which might date to before the divided-back era that began in 1907, has this cursive caption:

(10 P.M.) — I'm making new Acquaintances.

The straightforward and comic implication is that this gentleman is inebriated1 and "talking" to light poles.

Or ... is this the true record of some Victorian Era gentleman, perhaps a Time Lord, who is traveling through an alternate dimension populated by sentient, anthropomorphic light poles. It is a fantastic land, one in which buildings tilt and shimmer as the very fabric of reality sways in the breeze. This brave adventurer is, perhaps, making his way through this land, as an ambassador of the human race. He might well be negotiating a treaty to keep the Pole People from invading our dimension. This man could be a hero.

But that's just one possible interpretation.

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Liquored-up Language Footnote
1. Intoxicated. Drunk. Tipsy. Plastered. Sloshed. Wasted. Potted. Buzzed. Schlonkered. Blitzed. Blotto. Pickled. Stewed. Toasted. ... So many colorful phrases for a less-than-colorful state of being. I do like the word schlonkered, though.

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