Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mom and her brother in Texas

Today's family snapshot shows Mom (right) and her older brother, my Uncle Charles, playing together at the family home in Kingsville, Texas.1 Mom was born in January 1948, so I'm going to estimate this photo is from sometime in the first half of 1949.

Some observations:
  • What is that on the table between them? A terrarium?
  • The disorderly nature of the books and papers under the table makes me very uncomfortable.
  • One of the books features the works of Robert Louis Stevenson.
  • My uncle's socks seem to match his shirt.
  • I think my sister might now have the chair that my uncle is kneeling on.

1. Interesting related tidbit: Reality Winner, who has been in the news quite a bit this year, grew up in Kingsville, Texas, after being born in nearby Alice.


  1. Who is the ghostly silhouetted figure to the left? Based on the obscured image of that person, and the fact that he (or likely she) is pointing in a similar manner as your uncle, the figure nearly appears as a shadowy apparition of your uncle.

    1. Really not sure. I don't think it's my grandmother. It could be the mother of my grandfather (Jack Ingham).