Sunday, July 30, 2017

OK, but which cash crop is being illustrated here?

As a Low-Grade Hoarder who has worked in the newspaper business for more than a quarter century, I have accumulated a lot of little clippings and printouts that I kept because they made me smile or giggle.

Here's one from Brendan Boyd's MONEYLI$T, 22 years ago, that made me laugh with its ambiguous illustration. It was a syndicated infographic designed for placement in the corner of a daily business page. (Remember when newspapers had business pages, and even business sections?) I was working at The York Dispatch at the time. I probably had it taped to my monitor or to a filing cabinet for awhile. And then it probably made its way into a desk drawer or box, and then eventually into a manila envelope. And now here it is on Papergreat.

And, yes, marijuana remains quite a lucrative cash crop, according to this Marketplace article from last year.

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