Monday, July 31, 2017

That time in 1914 when my great-grandmother got a speeding ticket

My family clipped and scrap-booked endless numbers of birth announcements, wedding announcements, obituaries and other items from newspapers throughout the 20th century. But here's one I came across on that probably wasn't considered a family highlight worth saving for posterity.

It's from the July 18, 1914, edition of The Morning News of Wilmington, Delaware. My great-grandmother, Greta Miriam Chandler, would have just turned 20 years old when this happened.

That $10 fine for speeding in 1914 was no laughing matter. Ten dollars then is the equivalent of about $243 today, so I think it's possible that her driving privileges were curtailed by her father, Lilburn Chandler, following this incident. In fact, while my Mom isn't around to confirm or augment this tale, I don't think my great-grandmother did much driving at all after this.

Full disclosure
As of this date, I have received three speeding tickets during my lifetime, two in Pennsylvania and one in South Carolina.


  1. I'll bet she was doing at least 15 mph. Hellion.

  2. Great-Great-Grandfather Lilburn would have been especially peeved considering his litigious pursuit of miscreants and scofflaws galore:

    By the way, on August 21 of this year, Great-Grandmother Greta would have been 45,000 days old.

    -- M.F.