Friday, August 18, 2017

Partial mystery photo: Three women in Atlantic City, New Jersey

This old family photograph is the same size and thickness as a real photo postcard, and I suspect that's what it is. But there is no printing or stamp box or publisher's mark on the back of the card.

The writing on the back was done by a relative. It states: "Mary Casey Chandler in middle in Atlantic City."

So, we know one of the three women. Mary Casey Chandler (1872-1929), an Alabama native, was the second wife of my great-great-grandfather, Lilburn Chandler (1858-1948). The would have been married sometime after December 1913, when Helen Gregg Simmons Chandler, Lilburn's first wife and the mother of their three children, died.

The three women are sitting in an Atlantic City Boardwalk wicker rolling chair. You can see photos of similar ones here and here.

And, for important context, you might want to check out the Tradition of Excellence blog post titled "African-American workers were key to Atlantic City’s success, new book argues" and the photo below, which accompanies it.

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