Thursday, August 17, 2017

Our family's funniest member

My Uncle Charles is probably the funniest member of my extended family. It's from him that I first learned of Fawlty Towers many years ago, so that's probably sufficient proof right there of his excellent comedic taste.1

As I go through all the family papers, there's a lot of stuff that just makes my eyes glaze over. But there are some funny bits, too. Like this typed note from my uncle. There's no date, but it's probably circa 1958-1962. The "Grandma" in this instance would be Greta Chandler Adams, who I've written a few posts about.2

To the best of my knowledge, Greta's boat did not sink.

1. When it comes specifically to puns, however, my dad will always be No. 1.
2. More about world traveler and sports standout Greta Chandler Adams:

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