Thursday, June 9, 2016

Florence Darlington: Without her, there would be no Papergreat

In the still-ongoing sorting and assessment of family items, Mom and I recently came across this old photograph. Written on the back is the following:

Florence Darlington
Wilmington, Del.
Introduced Greta Chandler
to Howard Adams

Howard and Greta are my great-grandparents. After being introduced, they were married within about two years. Their daughter, Helen, is my grandmother. And Helen's daughter is Mom. So, it's pretty crazy to think this, but without Florence Darlington, there would be NO PAPERGREAT. (Additionally, I would be gone from the space-time continuum, along with my grandmother, mother, uncle, sister, cousins and nephew. But let's keep the focus on the blog.)

We definitely owe a lot to Florence Darlington ... but I have no idea who she was. I would love to learn and share her life story.

Her name is a bit too much on the generic side to find any hot leads in Google or Find a Grave and I don't have an subscription, so I'm stymied at the moment.

Additional details: When Howard and Greta first met in 1914, it was at the New Century Club building, which was used for concerts and dances at the time. (The building is now the Delaware Children's Theatre.) Howard was serving as the manager of the Delaware College orchestra at the time.

If you have any leads on Florence Darlington, share them in the comments section or email me at chrisottopa (at)

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  1. Oooh, a mystery. Hope we find out more about her at some point :)