Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Two more old postcards featuring the beauty of Italy

Back in March, I featured a postcard showing a breathtaking view in one of the mountain regions of Italy. Here are two more postcards from that same set, featuring monochrome images that are just as jaw-dropping. Wouldn't these be wonderful places to live?

Italian caption: Oh, qui nel forte e libero amor della natura dolce, i meschini affanni dell'animo obliar.

English translation: "Oh, here in strong and free love of gentle nature, the petty worries of the soul are surrendered."

(This is the same caption as the first postcard I wrote about.)

Italian caption: O pace, o solutudine, o dolcezza!

English translation: Oh peace, Oh solitude, Oh gentleness!

OK, you may now return to thinking about your evening commute home.

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  1. I'd live there as long as I didn't have to milk the cows or goats!