Friday, March 18, 2016

Wonderful sentiment on a vintage postcard (probably showing Italy)

On the heels of this morning's post, here's another vintage pastoral image, which appears on an undated, unused postcard1. I'm guessing that this is one of the mountainous regions of Italy, given that the text on the front of the postcard is in Italian. That text states:
"Oh, qui nel forte e libero amor della natura dolce, i meschini affanni dell'animo obliar."
Taking a few liberties with the translation, I believe the English-language version would be something like:
"Oh, here in strong and free love of gentle nature, the petty worries of the soul are surrendered."
I think that's a sentiment that we can all agree upon, especially now that Spring is starting to spring in the North Hemisphere.2 Plus, here in the eastern United States, it's now 4 p.m. on Friday, which means the work week is just about over for many people.3

Perhaps this postcard inspires you to grab your favorite book (or comic book), put some Brian Eno ambient music on your iPod, and find a nice sunny hill to relax upon. Or something like that. Either way, what are you still doing on the Internet? Go enjoy your extra daylight, Americans, now that your bodies have finally adjusted to DST.

1. The name printed on the front is G. Bertacchi. I'm assuming that's either the photographer or the publisher. The only thing printed on the back is "No. 477-31".
2. Never mind that the forecast is calling for 2-to-4 inches of snow here in southcentral Pennsylvania on Sunday.
3. Never mind that, for many, work and productivity ceased when the the March Madness men's basketball tournament tipped off at noon yesterday. We're an easily distracted nation.

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