Friday, March 18, 2016

Postcard mailed in 1934: Tropical Country Scene in Barbados

Welcome to a Modest Postcard Marathon I'm going to have over the 48 hours or so, as I try to get back on track with my 2016 posting goals...

First up is this pastoral postcard, a "Tropical Country Scene," from Barbados1, back when it was part of the British Windward Islands (1833-1960). In addition to the grazing animals, note the windmill (which appears slightly dilapidated) and the tower or silo that is now half-covered with vines.

It looks like a great place to just find a spot in the sunshine and read a book, or stare at the clouds. I wonder if any of those structures are still there.

This card was postmarked on February 22, 1934,2 with a stamp that also states "BARBADOS ALL-YEAR SUNSHINE." It was mailed to someone living on East King Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The card was published by Knight's Ltd., Barbados.

The message states:
Feb 22nd
Nell [?] and I are enjoying the cruise immensely — These islands are fascinating and a day is all to [sic] short to see their beauties — Hope you are feeling fine.

1. Coincidentally, Sarah and I just finished watching the Season 9 finale of Friends, ""The One in Barbados," which was clearly not filmed in Barbados.
2. Also on that date, It Happened One Night, with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, was released in theaters.

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