Saturday, March 19, 2016

Old postcard: "The Mysterious Hanging Boulder" in Polar Caves

Continuing with the (Very) Modest Postcard Marathon, here's an unused black-and-white postcard for which the credit on the reverse side is "Atkinson — PHOTO REPROS — Laconia, N.H."1 The text on the front of the card states: "The Mysterious Hanging Boulder, Polar Caves, Near Plymouth, N.H."

The Polar Caves, officially located in Rumney, New Hampshire, about a half-dozen miles northwest of Plymouth, are still a big attraction. They're closed for the season at the moment. But, according to the website, Polar Caves Park will have its 2016 opening on May 7. Admission will be $13.50 for kids and $17.50 for those age 13 and up. According to the website:
"The Polar Caves were formed about 50,000 years ago as the third continental glacier descended over New Hampshire’s White Mountains. When the ice retreated, it left behind an amazing series of caves and passageways to explore! A self-guided tour through Polar Caves will take you to the rock garden, on the nature trails and through the nine caves in the park."
You can read a good description of what Polar Caves Park has to offer in this 2011 article by Christine Randall of "The Mysterious Hanging Boulder" is still there and still hanging. Randall writes:
"[T]he 'Mysterious Hanging Boulder,' an 80-ton boulder which rests on three contact points in the back. If you stand under it, about 75% of the boulder’s weight is over your head. It’s not a place that many people linger!"
Here are links to a couple current pictures of the boulder: #1 and #2.

1. Actor Claude Rains died in Laconia in 1967, at age 77.

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