Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Very authentic Star Trek postcard for Annika in Sweden

Here's the postcard I sent to fellow Postcrosser Annika, who lives in Sweden and said in her profile that "cards that make me extra happy is Star Trek (all about it)."

She also sternly reminds people that Star Trek is not Star Wars.

We'll have to see how long it takes for Annika to receive her card. In her profile, she writes that she is not enamored with the Swedish postal system (aka PostNord Sverige): "Unfortunately the mail service in Sweden has been very lousy, if we are lucky we got our mail twice a week, if we are unlucky there are no mail during the whole week. Every 4th day, I call the customer service and complain. And often I got my mail same or next day, but it is very time consuming."

So I reckon we have it pretty good here in the USA. I know that I greatly appreciate all of our postal carriers.

Maybe, in our lifetime, we'll reach a point where we can just beam our handwritten mail to each other, using miniaturized transporter technology. Seems reasonable.

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A final Star Trek note: I'm currently, on my daily commute, listening my way through the podcast "70s Trek: A Look at Star Trek in the 1970s" by Bob Turner and Kelly Casto. It's really good and highly recommended if you are a fan of The Original Series.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely card, I love it :-)
    it just take 8 days for it to arrive, we are lucky this time :-)
    Instagram: CuckooCardsandPaper