Monday, September 25, 2017

Fred's birthday postcard to Lucy

This old hand-colored postcard, which was printed in Bavaria but has no publisher listed, provides "Best Birthday Wishes" to Lucy, from Fred. Check out the teeny-tiny box on the front of the card, which is also presented in magnified view below.

There is no date on the card, and the postmark is no help in that matter.

The short message on the back of the card states: "Congradulations [sic] to your birthday and happy returns of the day."

The two full names are written in cursive and are troublesome.

"Fred" appears to be Fred Baumann.

The full name for Lucy is written as "Lucy Stienhouph," but I think there are some issues there. We can, however, also use her address to help clarify things. It's written on the postcard as 180 Palmetto Street in Brooklyn, New York.

Armed with that information, I think the correct spelling should be Lucy Steinhoff, and my best guess is that she later become Lucy Mulvey and had, with her husband John, a child named Joseph in 1942.


  1. How adorable is that? :) Good sleuthing too.

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