Friday, September 29, 2017

Some mind-expanding articles for this autumn #FridayReads

A cozy sunkenarium, with nearby home-library access, is the perfect spot for reading.
(Large indoor plants optional.)

It's autumn. Time to tuck away, like acorns for your brain, these articles and blog posts and essays that I've come across in recent weeks. Read them now, or save them for a blustery winter day. Make sure you have some soup and oyster crackers in the pantry, too.

And, finally...

Here's the link to the article.


  1. I might have to take that podcast for a spin ... maybe it will help me sleep :)

  2. OK, did you try out Sleep With Me? It should be exactly what I need (given that I fall asleep to Every Audio Book and Podcast Ever), but for some reason his voice just didn't click with me and I found it grating. Which was a bummer, because... I could use some sleep?