Sunday, September 10, 2017

Romaine Smith's pixie-laden bookplate from the 1930s

How about another bookplate? This one is about 3½ inches wide and features an illustration of some tiny pixies or brownies or fairies (or such) lounging around outdoors. In the lower-right corner of the bookplate, the words DENNISON - USA are printed.

"Romaine Smith" is written in tidy cursive on the bookplate, and the inscription on the next page states the following:

M. Romaine Smith,
1230 E. Maple St.,
York, Penna.
Dec. 25, 1935

That is likely Martha Romaine (Smith) Guise, a York native who was born in 1923 and died in March 2012, at age 88. According to her obituary, "she was a United States Navy veteran of World War II [and] served in the WAVES and was honorably discharged as a Pharmacist's Mate Third Class in 1946."

As for the book that contains this bookplate, it's Hilda's Mascot (subtitle: "A Tale of 'Maryland, My Maryland'"), which was written by Mary E. Ireland (1834–1927) and published by The Saalfield Publishing Company in 1927. The dust jacket was still intact. Here's a look at the front cover and spine portions of that jacket, which features the work of artist Corinne R. Bailey.


  1. Oh, I love that cover art! Can you imagine the amount of library research we would have to do if not for the Internet? Not that I would mind spending some time at the library. I haven't done that in ages!
    Of course, as is my obsession,I had to Google Map her house. Nice porch (that now has an AstroTurf covering which made me smile and think of my grandmother's house)

    1. Libraries are wonderful places. But, yes, it would definitely take a LOT longer to put these posts together. ... I am constantly amazed by the levels of detailed on GoogleEarth/GoogleMaps. I once discovered my dog in the backyard on one satellite image.