Sunday, October 22, 2017

In which Nobby Bonkles enters the world, thanks to John Allison

Earlier this month, I came across this tweet by author/artist John Allison, who writes the comic Giant Days.

And I was immediately impressed by how phenomenal the name "Nobby Bonkles" is. I can envision an entire feel-good fictional universe based around the adventures of Nobby Bonkles, who wouldn't be perfect but would be the perfect hero for young readers. We need more great and silly names like this, to fuel and inspire future generations.

And here we have Allison just creating this splendid moniker out of whole cloth and bringing it into the world via a tweet. And, to be clear, at the original time of this tweet, there existed no other evidence of Nobby Bonkles on the Internet. I know, because I looked...

(Now, of course, "Nobby Bonkles" does show up in a Google search, because the tweet has been archived. And this blog post will further enhance the name's search-engine cred.)

At the time, I jokingly offered Allison trillions of dollars for the rights to Nobby Bonkles. But in retrospect (and because I don't have trillions of dollars), I think Allison should hold onto it and work it into one of his creations.

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