Monday, November 27, 2017

1930 linen postcard from Thermopolis, Wyoming

This old linen postcard features the "Teepee Fountain" at Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, Wyoming. The preferred/correct spelling these days is Tepee Fountain, and you can see some modern photographs of it here. It seems to be squatter today than it was in this postcard, but, in either case, it sort of looks like the supreme leader of the Blancmange contingent from the planet Skyron in the Galaxy of Andromeda.

This postcard was mailed to a woman in Morrill, Nebraska, in 1930. The cursive note is difficult to read, but here's my best attempt at transcribing it:
Dear Friend.
I presume you are priming yourself for the 4th. I just wish you could take a flying trip out here for a visit. So many beautiful sights right here all within walking distance. The thing on this card was built up on the mineral deposit. So wonderful. Wanda and I are very comfortable in apt. at the Yellowstone Sanitarium St. Park. Now you just
[illegible] me one of young [and then it gets more illegible].
Love, Martha

Yellowstone Sanitarium State Park is definitely a bit of a mystery. If anyone wants to give the rest of the note a whirl, here you go...


  1. You did an admirable job of transcribing that :)

    1. It's definitely going to become more and more of a special skill.

  2. I believe I actually saw this in Thermopolis!