Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pair of "Greetings from" postcards

Here are a couple more of those old "Greetings from..." postcards with the generic images but specific town listings.

Greetings from Winter, Wisconsin
[Population: About 230 in the village and 1,000 in the town.]

This postcard was mailed in the summer of 1934 to Sally at the "Biely Sweet Shop" in Chicago, Illinois. The cursive note states:
"Hello Sally! Well we're here and Ah boy talk about hot whoa. say Hello to Joe and all my loves. I'm so happy.

Greetings from Konnarock, Virginia
[Population: Unknown. Unincorporated community in far western Virginia, located about 60 miles south of the equally isolated and equally unincorporated community of Burke's Garden, Virginia.]

This card was postmarked on June 29, 1962, in tiny Troutdale, Virginia. It was mailed to a woman in Westminster, Maryland, and the long cursive note states:
"Dear Hollis,
The scenery down here is really beautiful. Am enjoying it so much. It is so quiet and restful that it's just the place for me to be with my ailing leg. The school at Konnarock is no longer used for the purpose it was built. Now it is a place for people to come and spend their vacation. Will be home on Monday. With love and best wishes,

(This is possibly the school she is referring to.)

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