Monday, May 7, 2018

Old postcard: Toddler getting a bath from the family pets

This undated comic postcard is right up Brad Marchand's alley1. It's an illustration by an artist named Rutherford of a cat and dog licking a crying toddler. We don't recommend that you try this at home, parents. The dog appears harmless enough, but that cat doesn't look like it should be trusted.

The caption printed onto the card states "Company or no company I won't be washed." I'm not sure who the market was for this postcard, other than just someone seeking a guffaw. The short note scrawled on the front of the postcard states: "Now Gladys don't get sassy when your face is washed. Simmy."

I'm guessing that Gladys was a young girl, and we can hope the card cheered her up. Miss Gladys Downing, per the address on the reverse side, was a patient in one of the wards of Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia. I hope she recovered, went home and saved this postcard in a drawer for the remainder of her long life.

And, yes, I know that might not have been the case, especially with childhood illnesses a century ago. But in lieu of solid information, we'll just write our own happy endings here at Papergreat.

1. That would be topical humor. See this actual news story with this actual headline: "NHL warns Bruins' Brad Marchand to stop licking opponents"

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