Tuesday, June 26, 2018

German postcard: In the mill in Märchengrund

The printed text on the front of this German postcard, when roughly translated to English, states:

In the mill in Märchengrund
the mill-wheel turns every hour
The millers grimly grasp
The sacks fill up in no time!

Märchengrund is, appropriately enough for this blog, a children's fairy-tale theme park that opened in 1910 in Bad Sachsa in Lower Saxony, Germany. To learn more, I had to do additional translating from the Märchengrund website, which is curiously only posted in German.

It is an attraction where grandparents and parents can share with their grandchildren and children the fairy tales of generations past. The old-fashioned park is proud that it doesn't deploy plastics or "modern technology." In the enchanted forest, visitors might encounter Snow White or Hexe Hillebille, which translates to Witch Hillebille. More of the translation:
"The newly designed fairytale house invites young and old to play and read fairy tales. In the witches' house, colorful costumes transform visitors into fairy-tale characters."
For children, it promises: "Whoever solves our fairytale puzzles, finds the witch hiding places and helps Snow White find the seven dwarfs, gets a lucky stone as a reward from the treasure chest of the seven dwarfs."

There is no date of publication for this postcard and no indication if or when it was mailed. There is a cursive message on the back, written in German. The message consists of four separate happy-birthday wishes for Elizabeth from two aunts, a grandmother and a grandfather.

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