Sunday, July 22, 2018

Colorful linen postcards: Sharks and windmills

Here are a couple of vintage postcards to brighten your Sunday afternoon...

This Genuine Curteich-Chicago postcard, published by Duval News Company of Jacksonville, Florida, features the "Sharks and Shipwrecks of Marine Studios" in Marineland, Florida. Marine Studios, still in operation today as Marineland Dolphin Adventure, opened 80 summers ago, in June 1938. The idea of enclosing sea mammals was a spectacle at the time — not provoking the outrage it does today — and thousands of tourists jammed up Florida's Highway A1A in their attempts to see the bottlenose dolphin there.

This postcard was mailed in 1953 to a boy named Clayton in Union, New Jersey. The short note states:
"Hi Clayton
This is something to see. Go swimming everyday.
Peter & Bruce"

* * *

This second linen postcard, also a Genuine Curteich-Chicago creation and published by United News Company of Detroit, Michigan, features the Cape Cod Windmill at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. It is thought by many to be the oldest windmill in the United States, having been constructed between 1630 and 1650 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

In the 1930s, not without controversy, it was gifted to Henry Ford and moved from Massachusetts to Michigan, which would surely be no small feat in any era.

This card was mailed to Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1947 with this short note:

"Do you think you could build one of these?"

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