Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Mystery photo: Pair of young realtors

This 3¼-inch-wide snapshot features a young child and a toddler standing nicely in front of a For Sale sign at an unknown residence. Did their family just purchase this house? Are they trying to sell this house so they can move elsewhere in search of The American Dream™ ?

One thing we can agree on, though: Those are some excellent shoes and socks.

A clue for this comes from the sign itself. The phone number listed underneath The Suburban Co. Realtors is: HOPKINS 0640

Thus, my best guess is that this photo was taken in Maryland. I have found 1940s references to both The Suburban Co. operating in Maryland and HO being used as a telephone prefix in Maryland. In both cases, however, those elements are easily generic enough to both be found elsewhere.

Jumping off point for more mystery photos here.

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