Sunday, August 12, 2018

Reuse and recycle!

Three summers ago, I posted (inexplicably?) about a semi-mystery snapshot of a woman and a mailbox that my grandmother took during her travels in the 1970s. Then the photo went back into its shoebox. Eventually, it would have been a strong candidate for the rubbish bin.1

But now I have found this piece of ephemera's true purpose. Rejoice!

You see, I owe a Postcrossing card to Martin, a postal officer in the Czech Republic who collects postcards of "post offices, mailboxes, postal clerks, postal vehicles" and, generally, "everything around postal."

I don't have many postcards that fall in that category. But then I remembered my grandmother's oddball snapshot! And, even better, I was able to find it. I glued it to a discarded index card from the York Daily Record's news library2 and — voila! — I have a totally amazing and one-of-a-kind postcard that's headed to Martin's mailbox in Náchod.

I am very excited about this development.

I hope Martin finds it to be awesome, too.

* * *

Relatedly, here is a fresh batch of emailed notes of thanks that I have received from Postcrossers who I mailed cards to:

  • Aune from Finland, who has received more than 6,000 Postcrossing cards, wrote: "Hello Chris, many thanks for your nice card with pretty stamps! ... It was not difficult to get over 6000 cards. I have been a member over 12 years and I'm living alone. It's fun to write cards and letters and then surprise: I get them back, too. Another regular hobby is reading. I prefer historical fiction. Nowadays I try to find books in my shelves which I can give up. Sometimes it feels like to walk on thin ice when I hear news from your country. Best wishes from warm sunny Finland."
  • Vera from the Netherlands wrote: "Just received your special (old) postcard of the Natural Bridge of Virginia. I have already Googled and found more about the bridge. It makes me think of another natural bridge in France. We (my husband, our two boys and I) liked it very much to go to France on holiday. Later on just the two of us visited lots of other countries in Europe and Asia and Canada: Toronto several times. So many wonderful things to see!! By the way, talking about Virginia I started to sing the famous song of John Denver: Take me home... (+/- 1971) Long time ago!! Now, many years later, I look at the world, follow the news and I'm worried about many things!! I wish you and your family all the best and very, very happy postcrossing. It can be a way to bring people closer together. Take good care of your 'zoo' too'. Miauw, miauw!!"
  • Hugh from Ireland wrote: "Hello Chris, thank you for the unusual card. The stamps are terrific. A lot of people in the U.S. should read the stamp that says 'those who deny freedom to others ... deserve it not for themselves.' Thank you for the different stamps take care."
  • Ludmila from Russia wrote: "огромное спасибо за чудо открытку и ваши слова .супер"


This postcard arrived on August 20 at its destination. Martin wrote in an email: "Ahoj Chris, thank you very much, very fantastic card and stamps. Happy postcrossing and all the best for you and your family. Martin"

1. We don't actually call it the "rubbish bin" but I do like that name.
2. I still have a big stack of those cards, which come in handy every week.

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