Monday, September 24, 2018

Going back 45 years for a product that I'm not putting in the headline

From one rabbit hole to another...

In doing the research for the final post about Margaret Lynch Capone, I came across this advertisement (above, on the right) within the March 23, 1973, edition of The Morning News of Wilmington, Delaware.

The advertisement is from Arthur's clothing store, which had locations in downtown Wilmington, Prices Corner and at the Concord Mall.

And then we get to the unfortunate wording:
our chummy chubby
is a bosom pal to jeans, skirts, prom gowns. A razzamatazz superstar ... plump and plushy in white modacrylic-acrylic blend that makes like fur. Fully lined, with zipper front ... and a stop 'em dead pricetag!
S-M-L Sizes $26
I should not even have done a Google search for this, but thank heavens this was the result:

Also, $26 is the equivalent of $146 today, so I'm failing to see the appeal of the "stop 'em dead" pricetag for a big pile of acrylic (even while I'm pleased that no animals were harmed in the making of this outerwear).

Also, what's going on with Mrs. Chewbacca's finger in the illustration?

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  1. When illustrators were taught to create craique fashion drawings, that used to be the prevalent "hand style". Feet are often just triangles with shoes. AND NOW YOU KNOW :) :)