Saturday, September 15, 2018

Semi-mystery photo of
Peg the baseball player

Here's an undated, 2⅜-inch-wide photograph of "Peg" wielding a bat in a much more menacing fashion than most of the Philadelphia Phillies have this past summer. (It's a nice companion to the Sept. 6 snapshot from mid-century suburbia.)

This photograph had been glued into a scrapbook for many decades. But fortunately, after it was removed, the information written on the back was still legible. It states:

Mrs Fuller School

With that clue, I found a reference on the Westchester County (New York) Historical Society website to an undated pamphlet for The Ossining School (Miss Fuller) in Ossining, New York. So that's clearly the same school that's mentioned on this snapshot. According to the historical society summary, it was a boarding and day school for girls in Ossining-on-Hudson. There's sure to be much more information if you can get your hands on the actual pamphlet, which is 44 pages and contains illustrations. (I suppose we could say Peg played softball, not baseball. But given the lack of any evidence one way or another, I'm going to default to baseball. So there.)

Ossining is both a town and a village within that town in Westchester County, New York. It is home the infamous Sing Sing maximum security prison, where Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1953.

Final note: I found a single 1925 newspaper reference to the Aliss Fuller School at Ossining, so that might be her first name. But I don't think we have nearly enough information to identify "Peg."

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