Saturday, October 27, 2018

Two mostly mystery photos

Full disclosure: My stash of "mystery photos" is a bit of a mess, because, over the years, I haven't marked which ones have been blogged and which ones have not been blogged. This morning I almost reblogged this photograph from a 2014 post. So, more than 2,700 posts into Papergreat, I'm terribly disorganized and at a bit of a loss.

Maybe I should just delete everything and start over in a more orderly fashion.

Or I could give away most of the mystery snapshots (which will need to happen eventually, anyway) and just start a new collection of them, keeping track of what I've written about this time around.

Anyway, here are two semi-mystery photos that I believe I've never blogged, but who knows at this point? Both measure about 2¾ inches by 4⅝ inches.

This photo has no indication of the year or the location. The only thing written on the back is "Marian's two children." Unless I'm judging the perspective incorrectly, the fire hydrant behind them and across the street is a bit larger than the ones we see today.

* * *

There's no date or location on this one, either. All that's written is "Aunt Polly." My guess on the title of the magazine she's holding is Mademoiselle, which first published in 1935. But it's hard to be sure.


  1. That's the January, 1942 issue of Mademoiselle.

    1. Holy Schnizzle, Tom! Great job on that! You get the Mademoiselle Merit Badge. (Or, as the kids these days would say, "You have unlocked the Mademoiselle Achievement.")

    2. The truth is out. I spend way too much time staring at old magazines.