Saturday, November 24, 2018

Mystery RPPC featuring a woman and her cat

There's not a whole lot to say about the image on this real photo postcard. The woman has her hair up and is wearing a long skirt and apron. She's outside, sitting on a wooden bench next to a trellis fence. There's a drainpipe in the background. And she has a sleepy calico cat on her lap.

The only thing written on the back of the postcard, in black ink, is "August 30, 1913." That date lines up with the AZO stamp box, which has four upward pointing triangles, dating the card to 1904-1918.

On that date 105 years ago, there were developments in the Piltdown Man hoax; the Phillies earned their 70th (of 88) wins by defeating the New York Giants, 8-6; and The St. Bernard Voice of Arabi, Louisiana, had these headlines:

  • Young Lovers Outwit Old Schemers in a Game of Matchmaking
  • Proper Culture of Onions
  • Fowls for the Fair
  • Slaughter House Co. Will Discontinue Water Service at the End of the Year
  • Asylum Superintendent Does Not Reveal Name of Last Relative to Visit Lunatic, but We Know It
  • Fish Behave Scandalous in a River of Beer

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