Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thankful for Postcrossing pals all across the planet

This thank-you message from Dasha in the Czech Republic loses its impact without the emojis.

For Thanksgiving, here's the latest roundup of emailed thank-you messages that have come my way from fellow Postcrossing enthusiasts across the globe. Each piece in my inbox is a necessary and welcome reminder of all the good people in the world.

Kirsten from the Netherlands wrote: "Hi Chris, nice to meet you this way and thanks a lot for your Halloween postcard. My first Halloween card in over three years of Postcrossing. I am thrilled. Pennsylvania — what a coincidence, I have just been reading up the last few days on the ghost town trail in Pennsylvania, a 36-mile hike from Black Lick to Ebensburg, which I am interested in doing. Have you ever heard about it or even done it yourself? Ghost towns are always fun. I only had a small peek into your blog so far, but that I have to intensify and read into it. Interesting subjects. Yep, I am also happy that autumn is here, especially we have such a nice one this year. Obviously too little rain over the last few months, but the colours are changing now and it is getting cooler and the predicted rain will be here soon and stay for a while, so hopefully nature can recover."

Ilze from Latvia wrote (translated from Spanish): "Thank you very much for your beautiful postcard. I was very happy to understand the content of the postcard without vocabulary. Your calligraphy is beautiful and also easy to read. My favorite season is summer because I have long vacations. My hobbies in autumn are picking mushrooms, reading books and, of course, doing Postcrossing."

Gabriela and Jessie from the Czech Republic wrote: "Dear Chris, thank you very much for your funny Halloween postcard a for super stamps! I like them very much! It's very kind of you. We have had the nice autumn here but in this time is cool weather, I don't like it. Many greetings to you, your family and to your 5 cats!"

Vladimir from Ukraine wrote: "Hello, Chris! Thank you for the wonderful postcard. I wish your daughter fast and successful recovery after surgery. Happy Halloween!"

Eriko from Japan wrote: "Dear Chris, thank you very much for the nice card! I like October too, it's the most comfortable month in a year. I hope your daughter's quick to recover. You wrote beautiful Japanese, thank you, I wish 平和への願い too! Happy Halloween!"

Claudia from Germany wrote: "Dear Chris, thank you for this nice postcard. I like those mystical things. Thank you also for sharing a piece of your life. Some of the things going in the world are unfortunately heated up by journalists. At least that is what I think is going on in Germany. I miss the good old way of journalism. In the former years a journalist always tried to look behind the scene. Nowadays it seems like many young journalist just look the topics up in Wikipedia. I hope it is different in America. And I hope the young journalists turn away from Twitter, etc., and face real journalism again. But I hope you are still a real journalist. Thank you also for the tip with Ruth Manning-Sanders. I will look her up. Please give Huggles, Mr. Bill, Monkey, Titan and Mystery some extra hugs from me. All best wishes for you, your job and your fur family."

Julia from Russia wrote: "Happy Halloween! Greetings from the capital of Siberia. Thank you very much for the beautiful postcard and amazing stamps. I'm glad you live in such a beautiful place. Someday I'll leave the metropolis and live in a small town. Let your dreams come true!"

Ines from Germany wrote: "Hello Chris! Thanks a lot for your postcard! It looks like the beginning of an adventure about going into the woods and meeting the unexpected. Also thanks for suggesting Clifford Simak, I hope the local library has some of his books."

Ildikoo from France wrote: "Your card is so funny! Thank you for this message, about cats and your life! Mikesch and Nala are mine, nice and loving cats, around me when I am tired. Children are grown up and husband is always busy, so my cats are a fine presence in all day life! I am enjoying holidays! Time to read and to sew and do crochet. I adore the great stamp with John Steinbeck's portrait! Merci beaucoup, thanks again!"

Lea from Germany wrote: "Thank you so much for your beautiful Niagara Falls postcard — I love it. ... Hope you and your daughter Sarah had a great shopping day and fun at the cinema."

Chewsia from Malaysia wrote: "I received your Ryan Conners postcard, I like it! I like illustration, although most of the time I am not smart enough to understand the messages by the illustrators if without its description, but I do feel admire to those who able to convert their thinking into illustration with their imagination. 'Imagination', this is the thing we are losing when we grow older, no more tooth fairy, Santa is not real, the world become realistic. Einstein said, imagination is the preview of life's coming attractions. Keep reminding myself, don't stop to imagine, that's our ability to dream."

Irina from Russia wrote: "Hi Chris, I love your postcard, your cat is gorgeous and you also look good. Doom is the first PC game I ever saw. My dad played it, I was 3 years old and the graphics seemed so realistic to me. Happy Halloween!"

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