Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas-themed booklet from Hochschild Kohn's

Shown above is the Santa-riffic back cover of a staplebound booklet that was distributed decades ago at Hochschild Kohn's, a Baltimore area department store chain. The front cover is shown at right.

The 12-page booklet measures about 6⅝ inches by 7⅞ inches and is split equally between full-color pages and black-and-white pages. The front cover features a stoic cow and the printing information "No. 725 AH Made in U.S.A. © THE P. & M. CO., INC." There is no date, but I'm guessing the 1930s would be a reasonable guess.

Hochschild Kohn's, according to Wikipedia, "started in 1897 as a partnership between Max Hochschild, Benno Kohn, and his brother Louis B. Kohn. Hochschild-Kohn & Company opened that year with a downtown-Baltimore store on the northwest corner of Howard and Lexington Streets."

It later spread out from the city and became one of the pioneers in launching suburban department stores. The company opened a store here in York, Pennsylvania, in 1968. (Ask Joan says it was along Market Street in Springettsbury Township, in the general location where Burlington Coat Factory is now located.) Hochschild Kohn's, which had been purchased by Supermarkets General in 1969, went out of business in 1984.

Read more about the department store's history at this website and share any memories you have of Hochschild Kohn's in the comments section!

In the meantime, here are some more of the dandy interior illustrations, starting with a cat anticipating the decades-later launch of the #CatsOfInstagram era.

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