Saturday, December 15, 2018

Old postcard: Two children having a Herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße

On the heels of yesterday's postcard of children at a candle-adorned Christmas tree enjoying their gifts, here's a similar old postcard.

This one has the caption Herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße, which is German for Merry Christmas. The girls seem to have a teddy bear, a miniature bowling (skittles?) set with soldier-shaped wooden pins, and a nice book. No Lite-Brite or Holly Hobbie Oven for them!

This postcard was never mailed or written on. Here's the logo that appears in the stamp box.

On The Postcard Album, a website run by Helmfried Luers of Germany, the complicated history of the NBC logo is explained. In August 1909 the cartel "Neue Bromsilber Convention" (NBC) was established to help guarantee postcard prices and keep a group of German and Austrian companies from driving each other out of business. Luers writes: "The logo imprint proves that the card was produced by a member of the P.R.A. and/or a company accepting the NBC price convention terms. It does not identify the individual manufacturer." Check out his site for more information.

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