Wednesday, March 6, 2019

1927 headline: "Black Magic Is Alight With Television Ghosts"

For your amusement, here is a short article that appeared 92 years ago, in the April 21, 1927, edition of the Daily News of New York:

Black Magic Is Alight With Television Ghosts

Light magic — magic that would have led its creator to be burned at the stake 100 years ago — sparked and sputtered in old Manhattan last night.

First, the Engineers society, at their meeting at 29 West 39th st., saw a novel radio furnace heat metal discs to whiteness, without wires or any aid. Invisible rays were used, giving spectators the idea that Jules Verne's imaginary death ray may some time become a reality. The demonstration held the possiibility that some day New York may be crisscrossed by giant rays giving light and power.

Second, when television service again was established between Whippany, N.J., and this city, ghosts made their appearance. When only one message and one image of the sender was sent from Whippany, three and four images, very faint and resembling spirit pictures in the movies, were received here. The ghosts sometimes blurred the original image.

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