Monday, March 4, 2019

Some recent Postcrossing arrivals and thank-you notes

I've been a Postcrossing member since December 2012, and I'm headed toward 1,000 postcards sent and 1,000 received. It's the most fun you can have with your mailbox! With a little help from Huggles and Mr. Bill, here's the lowdown on some of my recent international communications.

Received in the mail

The colorful postcard in the middle of the above photo is from the Netherlands. The message states: "My name is Kim and last Summer my postcard for you got lost. So hopefully this one does arrive. I live in the south of the Netherlands in a small town and I have two dogs. What kind of animals do you have? I don't think we have a lot of fairy tales or folklore in the Netherlands [note from Chris: not true!]. We know mostly German fairy tales. But I think this is a happy postcard of Amsterdam and I hope it makes you happy as well."

From Finland came a postcard featuring a marvelous illustration by Rudolf Koivu. The note states: "Hejsan Chris. My postcard comes from Finland's southern coast, where I live in a small village near Helsinki. The drawing on front is one of the illustrations in very old fairy tale book. Wish sun and joy on your day, Cheetah." While Cheetah is from Finland, the salutation hejsan is Swedish for hello. According to Wikipedia, "Swedish-speakers comprise 5.4% of the total Finnish population."

From Hungary came a postcard featuring a photograph of the Herzan Library in Szombathely. The note states: "Greetings from Hungary! My name is Éva, I live in Budapest and retired a year ago. I read a lot, play the viola in two orchestras and collect postcards, books, old letters and photos, etc. :) This postcard was bought in Szombathely, the town where I was born. ... I love libraries!"

From Belgium came a postcard featuring the André Derain artwork "Portrait of a Man with a Newspaper (Chevalier X)." The painting is now in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The note on the postcard states: "Hello Chris. 'If we saw tomorrow's newspaper today, tomorrow would never happen'. Best wishes, kind regards. My name is Filip."

And from Russia, I received a nice postcard with this note: "Hello Chris! My name is Larisa. I live in Russia, in the city of Tyumen, this is Western Siberia, the city is beautiful! We have winter, t -10°. I love to travel. I wish you good luck in the New Year and excellent postcards."

* * *

Thanks from abroad

And here's another roundup of emailed thank-you messages from fellow Postcrossing enthusiasts across the globe.

Thessa from Germany wrote: "Thanks for your Card. Now, the time before Christmas, I bought so many books for give away. I visited the book fairy in Frankfurt and found so many interesting stuff. I'm a teacher and I guess we are Born to select books. Have a good time."

Yana from Malaysia wrote: "Hello Chris. Your map card of Amish County has safely arrived in my postbox. And it is not the one with the postcard ID. But I decided to register this map card anyway. Is it okay? By the way, I really love the stamps too. Famous figure I suppose. Will Rogers and Sally Ride. I learn a lot from those stamps and the map card. The green stamp, it looks pretty. So now I will wait for your card with the postcard ID. Just thinking about the still travelling card, makes me happy. And it is very thoughful of you to send this map card and the other card to me."

Tatiana from Russia wrote: "Hi, Chris! Many thanks for such a nice postcard you kindly sent me. I really like the choice you made. First of all I just wanted to say that the illustration the card depicts is almost about me. Yes! Cause of four!!! Cats who are living with us. But to be honest I don't allow them to enter my room. They easily can organize a little disaster there. The next thing is about Baba Yaga. During the New Year eve I have met her ... She just walked down the street and smoked her cigarette!!! Of course she was an actress who came back from a performance. But she looked so realistic that I can definitely say that Baba Yaga is existing!!! So thank you again and again for the card. Sending good vibes in your way and wishing you to have a very happy year full of marvelous postcards!"

Christine from Germany wrote: "Thanks for your lovely postcard of the little dance party. Unfortunately other countries seem to follow the idea of hateful and disrespectful politics. I'm really afraid of our current right-wing party (AfD) gaining any more influence on everyday life. Looking at what they do and having read many books about German history 80-100 years ago, there are far too many similar things happening nowadays. Letz's hope for global peaceful development with an attitude of acceptance and aiming for equality."

Olga from Russia wrote: "Hello, Chris! Thank you very much for the postcard! In the Udmurt Republic really lives Baba Yaga, her name is Abida (Обыда). Wish you happiness and good luck!"

Ronja from Finland wrote: "Thanks a lot from the card you sent me, Chris!! I love it! And I really like that Robert F. Kennedy stamp. It was nice, that you translated something in finnish too. Good luck with the parks!!"

Maris from Latvia wrote: "Thank you for your beautiful card!!! I like it very much. Many greetings from Riga, Latvia and me! Happy New Year 2019! If you like marmots (groundhogs) visit my family website or Facebook page"

Tiina from Finland wrote: "Thank you for your very lovely card! You wrote so much, it was very nice to read and get to know you a bit. You have 5 cats, how amazing is that! I have only one, she is one of the best things in my life, my furry baby. Cats just makes life even better. You sound and for sure are amazing dad to your daughter. Good luck with getting that tattoo. It hurts only a bit, but it's definitely worth it, especially in your case."

Irina from Russia wrote: "Hello, Chris! Thank you very much for the beautiful postcard, gorgeous stamps and interesting letter! I think you need to go to Russia for the sake of Baba Yaga. My whole family was making lasagna last weekend. Pizza and lasagna — they are always to the feast! I went to the movies with a friend on the film Green Book 2018. We liked it very much!"

Murmetti from Finland wrote: "Thank you Chris for your nice card! I especially loved the John Lennon stamp, and the fact that you think your daughter is awesome. Happy times to your way!"

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