Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My great-grandfather's nostalgia road trips, Part 3

Following Part 1 and Part 2, here's another batch of snapshots from a road trip some of my family members — specifically my great-grandfather and my grandmother — took in February 1965. They were checking out sites in Delaware connected to the younger days of my great-grandfather, Howard Horsey “Ted” Adams (1892-1985).

Caption on back: "Alfred Adams House (reconstructed)
near Laurel, Delaware."
Alfred Adams (1816-1899) is Howard Horsey Adams' grandfather, on his father's side. Thus Alfred is one of my great-great-great-grandfathers. He is buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Laurel, Delaware.

"Chipmans Mill — Broad Creek"
According to Delaware AHGP (American History and Geneaology Project) and History of Delaware, 1609-1888, by J. Thomas Scharf, Chipman's Mills is two miles from Laurel and was built by John Chipman around 1800. It had a saw-mill, grist-mill and carding-machine. I'm not sure if the structure pictured is part of one of those mills.

"Trussums Pond — 3 miles from Laurel, Delaware"

It appears the correct name is Trussum Pond. I have no idea how it fits into the family history. According to Bivy:
"Trussum Pond is located just 6 miles from Laurel, in Sussex County. It is a spectacular destination for paddling and has a great fishing population as well. Delaware has some of the northernmost Bald Cypress trees in the nation and Trussum Pond is the best place to see these stately trees. You will paddle through a maze of gorgeous Bald Cypress trees which grow right out of the water. It is a very unique and beautiful location."

"Alfred House (N. Side) Arrow indicates original kitchen before rebuilt"
I assume this again refers to Alfred Adams. While Alfred died in 1899, my great-grandfather (and Alfred's grandson), born in 1892, clearly had some memories/knowledge of this house in 1965.

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