Sunday, July 28, 2019

18 Papergreat posts I might have written recently if I had time

It's the Swamped Days of Summer™, and I have been doing a terrible job of posting on a regular basis. I've been too stinkin' busy elsewhere to have the time to post cool ephemeral things such as the heartwarming Postcrossing postcard I received from 11-year-old Vera in Novosibirsk, Russia, who likes Roald Dahl books and cats. She is also amazing at drawing chickens.

I don't have time, but I have ideas. Boy, do I have ideas. New ones swirling through my brain every day in the shower, during my commute, or at other inconvenient times.

In addition to Vera's dandy postcard, here are some other topics that I lament being unable to post in a timely fashion...

2. An NPR affiliate in California used a Papergreat postcard in a news story.

3. Lost Corners of the Internet thoughts on BBC's Shipping Forecast.

4. The 1978-79 edition of Steven H. Scheuer's Movies on TV (as a jumping-off point for discussing movie guides in general).

5. Peter Max and his U.S. postage stamp.

6. Johnny Depp ephemera arriving in my mailbox.

7. Memories of CBS' In the News with Christopher Glenn.

8. Illustrations from inside 1928's The Story of the Gypsies by Konrad Bercovici.

9. Book cover: Boonastiel.

10. The final two pieces of ephemera from that May yard sale!

11. Matchbook cover for Hartwig's Gobbler Supper Club and Motel in Wisconsin.

12. Photographs from atop the Empire State Building.

13. Thoughts on UFOs. (This was percolating even before the latest Area 51 hullabaloo.)

14. The origins of Goofus and Gallant (lightly tied in with Highlights for Children's recent criticism of the Trump administration).

15. An amazing recent story in The Philadelphia Inquirer about birthday cards.

16. Climate change and Masterpiece Theater (if I can find the right ephemeral hook).

17. The (amazing) Sketchbook Project.

18. Lost corners thoughts on the "kai guang amulet."

(And, yes, I'm aware that I might have written one of the above shorter posts in the time it took me to whine about not having time to post. But I'm partially afraid all of these ideas are going to flit out of my head.)

I'm hoping that all of these topics become actual posts before Labor Day!

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