Saturday, August 3, 2019

Some more Postcrossing comings and goings

Here is the front of Postcrossing postcard (mentioned Sunday) I received from 11-year-old Vera in Novosibirsk, Russia. Vera also drew an incredible picture of a chicken holding a flower, shown at right. That propels this firmly into my Postcrossing Arrivals Hall of Fame.

Vera's note, in careful printing, stated:
Hello Chris!
I'm from Russia. I'm 11 years old. I study at school. But it's the holidays now. This is the first postcard wich I send. I'm happy to send it to you. On it is drawn a fary tale "Three bears." I hope you like it! Happy Postcrossing!!!

Here are some of the other cool messages I've received on recent arrivals to my mailbox:

From Germany: "Dear Chris, my name is Sandra, I'm 50 years old & I live with my son (17) in small village close to the city of Munich in Bavaria. I love to be in the open nature by biking & walking. I like music, cinema, theater, knitting, books, yoga. I wish you a wonderful summer season. Many greetings. GOD BLESS YOU, LOVE, LIGHT & PEACE"

From Australia (postcard shown above): "Hi Chris ... I'm 48 years old and live in a small country town named Daylesford in Victoria, Australia. I have 7 children with the youngest 4 still at home. I work as a school crossing supervisor and also as a checkout chick. Fairy Park is located around 50 mins drive from my house. My youngest princess loves it."

From China: "Hello! I am a high school student from China. I like collecting all kinds of papers, too. I always send a postcard to home at whichever mailbox I meet. Have a nice day!"

* * *

Thanks from abroad

And here's another batch of emailed thank-you messages from fellow Postcrossing enthusiasts across the globe.

MagicalMermaid from India wrote: "Thank you for the cute postcard and sweet message. Oh ... i guess your first postcard is lost then ... Take care and have a wonderful day. May you have a peaceful, magical and star-filled year too."

Anastasia from Russia wrote: "Thank you for such a cute card and for your words. I totally agree with you. And I think Postcrossing is a little step forward our understanding that people from all parts of our planet are equal. Best wishes to you and your family. Good luck to Ashar with the play!"

Chien from Taiwan wrote: "Hello! What an adorable card I received from you today ... just when I needed a smile. Also, the stamps are amazing. Thanks for taking time to read my profile and send this great card. I hope you get cards today, too."

Natalia from Switzerland wrote: "I received a postcard from you today, very-very pleasant surprise! My daughters like it, thank you very much for your beautiful card, legible handwriting and for such a warm message! I love reading, I also have a lot of books (it seems to me, I'm so old-fashioned. Best wishes and good luck to you and your son!"

Meike from Germany wrote: "I think you write very important words in Postcrossing. We only have one world and this time we should use. All the best from the north of Germany. I live in a nice village called Aukrug."

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