Monday, August 5, 2019

1975 call for gun control

Here are excerpts from this letter, which was published 44 years ago in the October 10, 1975, edition of The Daily Telegram of Adrian, Michigan.
"I was extremely dismayed at the recent approval the Lenawee County Board of Commissioners gave to a resolution opposing stricter handgun control legislation. ...

"Of course, one often hears the deafening chorus of screams from the conservative members of our society against gun control laws, claiming it is an inalienable right to bear and possess handguns. But is not the right to live without fear for one's safety a more important inalienable right? Democratic freedoms cannot thrive in an environment of fear, distrust and hate, and each passing year is accompanied by growing fear, distrust, and hate for one's fellow citizens.

"Despotic rulers rise out of chaotic environments. ...

"To avoid despotism, stability and trust must be restored to the United States. Clearly, the first step to resurrecting a vision of democratic freedoms is enacting stricter laws which would severely limit and regulate the ownership of handguns."
Again, that was 44 years ago...

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