Sunday, February 16, 2020

Acme Motor Car Company advertisement

This is a circa 1909 advertisement for cars produced by The Acme Motor Car Company of Reading, Pennsylvania. The company was in business from 1903 to 1911, so this was getting toward the end of its run. According to Wikipedia, some of Acme's production infrastructure survived with SGV and then Phianna for about a decade after its 1911 demise.

Acme, vying for its continuing existence in a burgeoning but competitive market, touted itself as "a Real Motor Car for discriminating automobilists" in this advertisement, adding that "Every car made by this Company is still running in the hands of its owners."

The cars touted, along with a "perpetual guarantee," were:

  • The Acme "Sextuplet": Price of $4,500, or about $129,668 today
  • The Fairmount "Sextuplet": Price of $4,500
  • The Standard "Quad": Price of $3,750, or about $108,056 today

This was about a year after Ford brought affordability into the American car market with the $850 Model T, which was the equivalent of about $24,500 today. So you can see where higher-priced automakers like Acme were on the way to the dustbin of history.

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