Thursday, May 28, 2020

QSL sent from Loves Park in 1973

This QSL card, which looks like it's straight from the land of Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, was sent to Melvin "Midge" C. Reed of W3AIT in mid-December of 1973.1 In a short note filled with ham radio abbreviations, Midge is thanked for a nice chat and wished a happy holiday season.

Littlejohn is a common name in the Loves Park area of Illinois. And there's no listing in any archived online directory for the call sign WA9SFY, so there's a little bit of a mystery here — even though we have a full name and full address. Would be curious to learn more about Clarence (Bud) LittleJohn, who lived at 5716 Hollis Avenue in Loves Park, Winnebago County, Illinois, 47 years ago.

1. Also in December 1973: Pioneer 10 relayed the first close-up images of Jupiter and The Exorcist made its debut in U.S. movie theaters. (Pioneer 10 was 11.4 billions miles from Earth as of January 2019.)

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