Friday, May 29, 2020

Stay-at-home shelfie #63

We have arrived at the last shelf in the bedroom!

I am a big fan of David Macaulay books, as you can see. Castle and Cathedral are probably my two favorites. Albert Lorenz has some similarities to Macaulay, with his epic illustrations.

My personal story of 9/11 in a newsroom can be found in this post.

House on the Rock in Wisconsin has long been one of my hoped-for road-trip destinations. Is that a little less likely now? Time will tell.

It's a Book by Lane Smith was a Christmas present from Mom about a decade ago. The gag was that I was always able to tell which of my Christmas presents were books ⁠— because, duh ⁠— and I would exclaim, "It's a book!" But, more than a gag gift, this a slender volume about how truly lovely and satisfying books are, compared to other forms of media in this digital age.

Those are some browsing books on the right.

Back over on the left, the two volumes with nothing on the spine are the same beautiful book: 1882's The Heart of Europe From the Rhine to the Danube. A Series of Striking and Interesting Views. With text by Leo de Colange. I discovered the beat-up copy years ago, when I really started collecting older books. And I loved it so much that I later tracked down a nicer copy. I wrote about one of the interior illustrations in 2017.

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