Monday, May 4, 2020

Stay-at-home shelfie #38

New shelf. Mostly magazines on this one. And most of those are the past couple years of Picture Postcard Monthly, a UK magazine that has ceased publication as a result of advertising losses during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also some issues of The Atlantic, National Geographic and Fortean Times, which I think represents a fairly "on brand" mixture for me.

The books are mostly about photography. Paul Nash ties back to Questions, answers & mysteries with Hookland's David Southwell (Part 1, Part 2) from 2015. There's a biography of Vivian Maier (1926–2009), who was an amateur street photographer, mostly in Chicago, who remained unknown and didn't even develop much of her film during her lifetime. You can learn more at

Folklore Myths and Legends of Britain was first published in 1973 and is a highly praised and deeply detailed compendium of exactly what it claims in the title. It has a rousing 4.57 stars (out of 5) rating on Goodreads and a nearly unheard of 4.9 stars (out of 5) rating on Amazon. Best of all, perhaps, it includes some illustrations by Robin Jacques. Its oddball size is the main reason it's not over with the folklore and fairy tale books.

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