Saturday, October 24, 2020

Postcrossing roundup, Part 2
(Late Summer/Autumn 2020)

 (Read Part 1)

It hasn't been the typical autumn of being out and about and discovering the foliage and fall atmosphere in-person across Pennsylvania (other than my neighborhood). But one thing that's helped to make that disappointment a little better is all of the autumn-themed Postcrossing postcards from around the world that have arrived in my mailbox.

Here's a look at photos and illustrations of The Best Season of the Year, from all around Earth. (Some of these have some "battle scars" from having traveled through the mails, but I personally think that just adds to their charm.)

From Germany, it's Castle Neuschwanstein! Always a great one to lead off with.
A depiction of 19th century Russia, from first-time Postcrosser Soniya.
From the Netherlands, a nature scene near Ambt Delden (now part of Hof van Twente). The writer states, "I'm from the south, the part that has many forests, heathlands and boggy peat areas. In ancient folklore, it is said that those areas were inhabited by the 'witty women', a kind of fairies."
From Dasha in Russia.
From Germany.
From Germany.
From Germany.
"Greetings from FORMOSA," from Mei-Yu Chen in Taiwan.
From Finland, where Kati says "the fall colors come really fast and strong up here." (Kimmo Pälikkö illustration)
From Germany, which is clearly one of the best places to experience the autumn.
From Anna in Poland, who says summer is her favorite season.
From Naoko in Japan, who writes, "This illustration is a Japanese apparation 'Amabie.' It's a topic to control plague. Please be careful about your physical condition." (The amabie has been an interesting angle to COVID-19 in Japan, as detailed by NPR in April and the anthropology magazine Sapiens last month.)
From Lia in the Netherlands, who says she sometimes sees deer and wild boars in her nearby forest.
From Finland.
From Russia, a gorgeous postcard titled "The Four Seasons."

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