Thursday, November 5, 2020

QSL from West Germany in 1963

Ham radio time again! Here's another QSL card that was sent to Melvin "Midge" C. Reed, who was last featured in August. (August seems so long ago, in this longest of years.)

This comes from German shortwave amateur station operation Kurt Jana (DL1VG) and features a contact from late February 1963. Jana lived near Braunschweig, West Germany. That city, which dates to the 9th century, struggled during the Cold War, according to Wikipedia, because of its proximity to the Iron Curtain and the loss of its nearby economic partnerships in East Germany. I wonder what Kurt had to say to Midge during their wintertime conversation 57 years ago?

The card itself appears to be advertising Roto-Werke, a printing press manufacturer (I think) that operated from 1912 to 1982 in K√∂nigslutter am Elm.

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