Sunday, November 15, 2020

Update on my dream house

In previous years, I have described elements of my dream house, which will require some magical realism, as it will be somewhat larger on the inside than the outside. The exterior will be modest and bucolic. There will be a goat on the roof. And plenty of other yard animals around. I plan to spend a lot of time in the yard.

But I will need somewhere to sleep. Enter the bedroom inn that Hutter retired to in 1922's Nosferatu. Cozy and perfect. (I'll have to add a ramp to allow cats access to the raised bed, though.)

The next most important thing is books. I have many. In my dream house, I will have multitudes. They need the perfect home. Ashar and I watched 1965's The Skull last night, and the study/library where Peter Cushing's character spent most of his time is perfect. Huge, but not overwhelming. Lined with bookshelves everywhere you turn. There are no great images showing the true extent of the room online; I included the best ones I could find in this post. But they don't really do it justice. So you'll just have to watch the movie, which is very good and which has plenty of tracking and lingering shots that luxuriate in the design of Cushing's study. I can only image how much fun it was for the set designer to put it together. 

I'd keep Cushing's desk, I think, but add a second one somewhere in the room, because I'm already committed to Chauncey Depew's desk being a part of my dream house. A room this impressive can certainly have two desks. 

I should probably start thinking about the kitchen soon, if this dream house is going to be viable. I'm thinking I might mix things up with some mid-century modern aesthetics...

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