Thursday, December 24, 2020

She was very serious about you having a Real Happy Christmas

I have no idea who she is, of course. But she is extremely serious. And possibly ticked off. Possibly about being on this postcard. (And imagine how ticked off she'd be to know we're still looking at her photograph 112 years later. Will this postcard haunt us??)

This Christmas RPPC, with its redundant messages printed on the front, is from the Davidson Bros.' Real Photgraphic Series and was printed in England. It was postmarked in New Haven, Missouri, in December 1908 and mailed to Miss Martha Radtke in Morrison, Missouri, about 23 miles to the west, as the crow flies.

Here's my best guess at the message on the back, which was written in cursive pencil:
I would like to be in your neighbor hood Xmas., but can't say for shure that I'll be up. Would certainly like to meet you again.
A Friend (A.H.J.)

A.H.J is my best guess on those initials, by the way. Joan, who is the only other person I know who looks at as much old cursive as I do, concurs. Is A.H.J. the woman on the front? If so, why did she sign as A Friend and with her initials, instead of her name? These mysteries will never be solved! Now I'm as ticked off as she looks.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve.

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  1. "Merry Christmas." he threatened.

    -The Recognitions by William Gaddis.