Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Postcrossing folk tale from Indonesia

In yesterday's mail, I received this postcard that was sent from Indonesia, more than 9,000 miles away. It's from Cherlita, who illustrates and creates some of the postcards she sends through Postcrossing

On this one, she wrote on the back and told me a traditional regional folk tale:
"Hi Chris. My name is Cherlita. I'm an art director and illustrator. This is one of my artworks of Indonesian folklore Keong Mas (The golden snail). The story follows a beautiful princess who was envied by her sister. The sister sought a witch to curse her in order to have the prince turned to the sister. The princess became a golden snail. One day, an old widow who lives by the sea was fishing, and she caught the snail in her net. It mesmerized her and she bought [sic] it home. The next day, she came home from work, the house she lived in has been cleaned & food is ready on the table. The princess has helped her! Soon, the prince found the princess & broke the curse with a kiss, & the 3 lived happily ever after. Hope you like the card!" 

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