Friday, May 7, 2021

"May Party Cake" recipe from 1931 magazine

It's May, and we could use a party. So here's a recipe for "May Party Cake" from 90 years ago, within the May 1931 issue of American Cookery magazine (formerly The Boston Cooking-School Magazine, per the cover):
"The cake is an orange sponge cake, made as follows: Beat until stiff but not dry the whites of three eggs, and add one-half a cup of sugar. Mix the juice of one orange with the grated yellow rind of the same, and one tablespoonful of lemon juice. Add enough water to make one-half a cup, about three tablespoonsful should be enough. Add this mixture to the yolks of the three eggs, and beat until stiff. Add another one-half a cup of sugar. Cut into the beaten whites, then cut in a cup of one-fourth of flour sifted with one-half a teaspoonful of salt and one teaspoonful of baking powder. Bake for an hour or until done, in an angel cake pan, at 325 deg. Fah. Ice when cool with confectioners' icing, and garnish with cookies, candy and nuts. Such a garnish is quickly applied, effective for a May or other party where several cakes have to be in duplicate for tables on a lawn."

So, now you're all set for your lawn party this weekend. Other recipes in this 1931 include: Spanish Onion Soup in Marmites; Tomato-and-Mushroom Puree; Veal Steak in Pineapple; Medallions of Veal; Banana Omelet; Individual Fish Loaves; Green Beans and Bacon; Curry of Chicken (British Indian); Deep-Dish Pigeon Pie; Creamed Corned Beef in Potato Shell; Stuff Onions; Stuffed Porcupine Pears; Peas and Lettuce, Julienne; Apples in Maple-Sugared Jelly; Sour Milk Waffles; Bonnes Bouches; Fondant; Cold Shape: Lemon and Strawberry1; Chocolate Cake Pie; Banana Whip; Strawberry Pie; Stuffed Cucumber Salad; Florrie's Cinnamon-and-Nut Tea Cake; Tangerine Layer Cake; Potato Caramel Cake; and Chocolate Spice Nuts.


1. "The 'cold shape' is a typical English sweet dish, made of farina, rice flour, or anything that will hold the shape of the mould and enriched by eggs, flavoring, etc."

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