Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Postcard of a "River Scene" in Michigan

After another long and stressful day of editing and writing about the news and the importance of the truth1, here's a calm, relaxing photograph, in the form of an undated, unused vintage postcard. 

The caption on the front states, "River Scene, Battle Creek, Mich."

Battle Creek is essentially where our our morning corn flakes come from. If you need a nonfiction book recommendation, check out 2017's The Kelloggs: The Battling Brothers of Battle Creek, by Howard Markel. Or, if you'd like a shorter read that mentions the Battle Creek Sanitarium, see this recent article in The Atlantic about nervous breakdowns by Jerry Useem.

Meanwhile, I do have some questions about this image:
  • Is this actually a river? Or is it a lake? The water looks very still.
  • Are those ducks or geese?
An editor's mind never stops...

1. And the day was capped off by going to the grocery store and seeing a large, unmasked man wearing a T-shirt that read: "The deadliest virus in America is the media." It's available on Amazon, and plenty of other places, I'm sure. Though it turns out people filled with hate are also very picky. Wrote one reviewer: "I love the message on the shirt, but the quality of the shirt is awful."

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