Monday, May 10, 2021

Postcrossing roundup: Spring 2021

I spent last night catching up on some of my Postcrossing correspondence. So it seems like a good time for a roundup of interesting and encouraging thank-you emails I've gotten from Postcrossers around the world who have received postcards from me since January. These are from oldest to newest. 

Marjo, a grandmother who lives in the Netherlands, wrote: "Hi Chris, thank you very much forthe lovely card. I like it very much. We heard a lot of the situation in your country. It is really sad. Hopefully it will be better when Joe Biden starts his term. I love your country very much. I have been there several times. We traveled in Florida, California, Utah, Hawaii and we have been to New York. Hopefully we can visit the US again in 2023."

Saori from Japan wrote: "Hello, Chris! Thank you very much for your lovely postcard. Your handwriting is very beautiful! It's amazing that squirrels and various animals are in the backyard. I love animals so I enjoy reading your message. I wish you and your loved ones are in good health and happy."

Ines from Germany wrote: "Hey Chris! Thank you so much for the postcard. Those stamps are amazing! Moving is always exciting. I hope you can get used to it fast and enjoy the new things (like the warm sun ... in Germany it is getting back after a long and dark winter but I feel like I haven't seen it in a few weeks ... and it's not warm yet). I'm always so lazy unpacking! Good luck with your work and your new home!"

Pinja-Emilia from Finland wrote: "Hello Chris! I would love to see raccoons. They seem quite the funny little creatures. Your friendly neighborhood raccoon back in Pennsylvania sounds just lovely. Happy postcrossing."

Claudia from Germany wrote: "Hello Chris, thank you sooo much for the beautiful cactus postcard! Love it! And the stamps too! It must be exciting to live in a desert! So many new things to see and to learn! Wish you and your family all the best and many new adventures! Stay healthy and happy too."

Alina from France wrote: "Dear Chris, Thank you, I enjoyed reading your card, so interesting! I would love to move to USA one day. For now, I am working and after work I'm taking intensive English lessons to improve my English. I didn't study that for years. It was difficult at the begin, but now I'm proud I understand more and I think I can have a conversation easily. I love 'Mr. Bill,' it's a funny name for a cat! Mine are called Linoha and Nana. I didn't chose it, they were 6 months when I adopted them. The birthday of my first cat is nearly. ... She is going to celebrate her 6 years. I feel my cats are my first children. I love reading English poetry (like Atticus, Zack Grey, Wilder Poetry). The book wild is she, from Wilder Poetry, changed my life. Nature, feelings, true, open-mind ... I hope you'll discover it one day! Take care, and thanks again! Greetings from France!"

Soorya from India wrote: "Thank you very much for your Route 66 card. It looks quite amazing!! And thank you very much for all the stamps ... though I am doubtful of removing them from the card. US has such lovely stamps but they are all self-adhesive types. Have a wonderful day and happy postcrossing!"

Martina from Germany wrote: "Hello Chris, Thank you for the vintage postcard from Arizona. A few years ago we traveled part of the USA and were also in Arizona. It was wonderful. I hope we can vacation in the USA again next year. We are healthy and living with the lockdown. My old mother has been vaccinated. I am on a waiting list. I think it will take some time, because here in Germany, unfortunately, it is a bit of a hassle. But let's be glad that there is vaccine and practice patience. Greetings and good health."

Paul from the United Kingdom wrote: "Thanks for your card which just arrived. I'm so glad your new president is an ally, your last president (how on Earth did that happen??) was less so. Best wishes to you and your family."

Anna from Austria wrote: "Thank you so much for the amazing viewcard and stamps!!!! Thank you for the temperature, and for converting to °C! WOW, so hot, and it is only April! We still have a mixture of rain, snow, windy cold weather and sometimes mild and sunny conditions. It is typical April, so it is good! (I hate Global Warming, so I'm happy about every day that seems to be "too cold for the season".) Best wishes to you, with warm greetings from Austria! Peace and good health to you!"

André from the Netherlands wrote: "Hello Chris, Thank you very much for the beautiful postcard of Casa Grande Ruins, Arizona, and your explanation at the backside of the card. It's really impressing and I can imagine you miss the changing seasons if you were used to that. I also would like to thank you for the great stamps you enclosed. I really love them and they will fit perfectly in my collection. I wish you and your family all the best, take care, stay safe and don't forget to enjoy life!!!"

Bea from the Netherlands wrote: "Hello Chris, many thanks for the beautiful card and stamps. I like black cats, I have had one too. It's now still to cold for the time, but it's getting better. We have now 10 degrees C. I don't like hot weather, I prefer cold. I have had my vaccination too and get the second also next month. Stay healthy."

Alex from Russia wrote: “Hi Chris! Thank you for the great mood that you gave me with your postcard, amazing postage stamps (Soyuz-Apollo is super!). But the most important thing is your text on the card. You have done a wonderful job with the Russian language. I will never learn to write in English like that. And the letter Ж is very easy to write. First you need to write the letter X, and then draw a strip in the middle of this letter. It will look like a snowflake, but understandable. Once again, thank you very much for your attention. For the second day I have been walking in a good mood after your greetings. I wish you happiness, peace and love! Greetings from distant Russia."

Doris from Germany wrote: "Hi Chris, thanks for the great postcard from the Sonoran Desert. It looks very enticing and sooo beautiful. As for me, I prefer heat over cold so I think I would love Arizona. Never been there but it is definitely on my bucket list. I don't collect stamps but yours were very nice."

Minttu from Finland wrote: “Thank you so much for this cat in colourful shirt, with big glasses and coffee mug! I love it! I've never counted our books, maybe I should! Nowadays I don't buy books very often, I prefer to use library. I've just read many Finnish books but also Adam Rutherford's Humanimal, and I'm starting to read his latest, How to Argue with a Racist. My parents have had their first corona vaccination because they are over 70 years old. I may have it somewhere around late summer/autumn? I'm under 40 and don't have any diseases so I'm probably among the last ones. All the best to Arizona!! I thought about your weather today as we had freezing wind from north and some snow although it supposed to be spring already!"

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