Thursday, July 8, 2021

Imaginative, but not what I mean by "walkable city"

This magazine illustration by Ohio-born artist and political cartoonist Grant E. Hamilton (1862-1926) is titled "What we are coming to." It was published in the February 16, 1895, issue of Judge magazine.

If you are more enamored than I am with the idea of vertical cities, check out, this article on WRNS Studio, this 2017 blog post on misfits' architecture, and a 2018 UnHerd article by Peter Franklin titled "The false promise of the vertical city." 

(And, to be clear, I'm all for future cities that are sustainable and eco-friendly, in addition to be walkable. And I understand that some aspects of such cities might necessarily involve some level of verticality. I'm just a big fan of having my feet on the ground.)

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