Sunday, August 15, 2021

Teachers are awesome

On a sad weekend, this was a Postcrossing arrival in the mailbox that made me smile. It's from Alina, a teacher in Russia who wrote this note:

Hi Chris! My name is Alina. I'm from Russia. I work as a kindergarden teacher. And so I'm closely connected with the topic of folklore, fairy tales and children's literature. I read a lot to children, we put on theatrical skits and play role-playing games. Children love stories about princesses and princes, dragons and knights, warriors and kings and many other fairy tale characters.

We often make up fairy tales ourselves. We draw, model or construct a character and make up stories about them. Childhood is a wonderful world! 

I'm learning to learn about the world together with my children. Unfortunately, as adults we lose the ability to fantasize and enjoy little things. 

I wish you new discoveries and experiences this summer! Have a great mood and all the best!

Listen to Alina, everyone! And listen to your teachers, remember what they taught you and be thankful for them. Also, let's show her that we adults can still use our imagination and are capable of enjoying the little things.

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